Katrina Tyler is a Melbourne based visual artist. In recent years, the focus of her practice has shifted from jewellery and small objects towards sculpture and public art. Working predominantly in metal, Katrina’s work utilises traditional metal smithing techniques and materials, with the inclusion of finishes such as kiln fired enamel, precious gems, enamel paints and patinas.

Organic, spatial and sculptural, Katrina’s work explores real and imagined sites of intersection and co-habitation between natural and urban habitats. Clustering forms, intricate patterns and surface finishes convey the complexity and delicate fragility of the natural world. They represent the constant activity and cycles of growth, decay and evolution that are omnipresent within the urban environment. The works aim to offer a sense of time and a moment for reflection and contemplation about our place within the urban ecology, and the forces of nature acting within and beyond our realms of comprehension.